Songs for Water 

an archive of American songs about, for, to, and in water in all its forms

From Woodie Guthrie to Lou Reed, Johnny Cash to Joan Jett, from k.d. Lang to Ella Fitzgerald, this playlist is a project that narrates our American relationship with water: floods, metaphors, baptism, pollution, spirituals, pop, and more.  217 songs (and counting).  14 hours (and counting).

This piece was developed from 2013 to the present by Plotform as one of our projects that seek to create an empathetic, caring, and transformative relationship between human and nonhuman species in riparian and watery habitats.  Part of a pirate radio broadcast, participatory stitching dialogs, data sonification pieces, and more.

This is a public collaborative playlist.  You can add any songs that you can think of.  If you do, shoot us an email: janemarsching at

You can listen to this piece on Spotify, sign up for a free account.  Sorry for the commercials!

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