Stories of Warning, Stories of Care: Mystic River
September 2015

In the afternoon the boats will stop in Charlestown along the Boston Harbor Walk near to where the Malden Bridge crosses the Mystic River.   At this stop, the boat travelers will be welcomed by Plotform (Jane Marsching + Andi Sutton), who will introduce the group to their project Marsh Radio Island through a participatory performance, “My name is Spartina Alterniflora.”   Using a handheld foghorn woven from items harvested from Boston’s coastal salt marshes, Plotform will share the story of the past, present, and future of the salt marsh that used to line the shores of the Mystic River.  Participants will be invited to name other landscapes close to their hearts that were, are not now, but could be sites of ecological flourishing and empathetic human/plant mutual caretaking, and will leave with a gift of handcrafted printed windsocks to be brought back to these landscapes. All contributions will be recorded for later use on Marsh Radio Island’s pirate radio station.

Listen to stories of warning and stories of care being read to the ecology and beings human and nonhuman of the Mystic River in this podcast from the participatory performance

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