Susan Murcott’s Kanchan Arsenic Filter

Posted on Aug 3, 2016
Susan Murcott’s Kanchan Arsenic Filter

The Kanchan™Arsenic Filter (KAF) is an innovative household drinking water treatment device for removing arsenic, pathogens, iron, turbidity, odour, and some other contaminants in drinking water. This filter was developed by researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO) of Nepal, and Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Support Programme (RWSSSP) of Nepal, based on slow sand filtration and iron hydroxide adsorption principles. This technology is a result of five years of multi-disciplinary research and is optimized taking into account the socio-economic conditions in rural Terai. This filter won prestigious awards at the MIT IDEAS Design Competition 2002 and at the World Bank Development Marketplace Global Competition 2003. The current Gem505 version is the 4th generation design, promoted since March 2004.

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